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Hacker's (or other) keyboard on Evernote

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I use the Hacker's keyboard and have assigned in inside my android device.

However, when I open evernote the Hacker's keyboard disappears and what I guess is

the Samsung keyboard appears.

Is it possible to use different keyboards in evernote on android?


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That's a little surprising. I don't know anything about the Hacker's keyboard, but I do use a specialized keyboard (Smart Keyboard Pro, which supports multiple languages and alphabets). It functions normally in Evernote, and I don't know any reason why Evernote should revert to the default keyboard. What type of device do you have and what version of Android?

If the keyboard is working in other apps, I'd suggest the usual fix for Evernote on Android: make sure any offline/non-syncing notes are switched to online/syncing temporarily, do a sync in Evernote, then uninstall it, restart the phone, and reinstall Evernote. You shouldn't lose any notes, since the sync makes sure everything is in place on Evernote's servers. After the reinstallation, it'll take a few minutes to download your note info. Then see if the Hacker's KB is working in EN.

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