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(Archived) main differences between mobile versions

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I'm about to buy a smartphone, mainly in order to be able to use evernote wherever I go. I couldn't find an answer to this question on the forum: what are the main differences between the different mobile versions?

I'm currently looking for an Android 2.1 phone, but maybe I can get more out of evernote on another os?

A few of the features I would use most:

- make picture notes

- add tags and choose in which notebook the note should go

- search my notes

At the moment, only the iPhone app allows off line note viewing, but this feature will come to Android too. Is that correct? I think offline access to all (or a selection of) notebooks is important for me.

Thanks for your vision on this!

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The different versions were written by different people in different programming languages and platforms, so there are a lot of small differences. Off the top of my head, I'd say that the major differences between iPhone and Android would be:

* iPhone has full offline notebook synchronization, Android just does some local caching of notes when you view them

* iPhone has a more developed geographic interface, where you can view your notes on a map

* iPhone has more control over which networks you use ("sync only on wifi")

* Android has better hooks into other applications, so things can more easily "Share" files and content into Evernote and vice versa. (The OS helps a lot with this via "intents")

* Android includes a desktop widget for fast access to common functionality

This week, we happen to have 3x as many people working on the Android as on the iPhone, so we're working hard to catch up. iPhone does, however, have a 1+ year head start.


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