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(Archived) How to use ink handwriting on Windows mobile?

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Can anyone explain how to create ink handwritten notes on the Windows Mobile Client? The post pasted below from the mobile thread suggests it is possible, but can only see how to make text notes. I appreciate any guidance.




Re: Our plan for Evernote on mobile devices - and poll

by iafanasyev on Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:57 pm

tokro wrote:

I voted for the full client assuming that this will be the only version which will provide capturing of handwritten notes. If the capturing client will provide this already it might be a good compromise until the full version arrives.

Yes, Evernote for Windows Mobile (the capturing agent we currently have) has the ability to create ink notes and upload them to the Service, along with text notes, voice notes and snapshots.

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Do not look on the main screen. Look on your menus at bottom of the screen. One says "Create". Tap it and you can select Ink Note. I found it hard to at first too. Note that once you press done, you cannot go back in and edit it.

A more full version of ink capabilities with post-editing was in the Windows Mobile Technology Preview, but it does not play with beta 3.0 or web upload at all. It is on the 2.2 model. This otherwise useful version also appears to be no longer available for download now after the website conversion. The developers have suggested that a full mobile client along these lines, with ink capability and more is coming in the future.

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