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Updates to Member Levels/Badges

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Hi All,
We are making some changes to the member-leveling system in the discussion forums. Moving forward, we will no longer use the speciality naming conventions, and have moved to a numerical level system. You can find a comparison of the naming changes below.
Nomenclature Chart:
Old Name:
New Name:
Level 1
Member +
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Super Guru
Level 5
Why are we making these changes?
  • Simplifying the nomenclature to a numerical system will make a user’s contribution more easy to recognize
  • Specialized group names can cause confusion, and often become stale or outdated over time
  • Internally, simplifying the level system makes it easier to manage/update community assets like member-level names, badge updates, etc when newer changes/updates are necessary

Member-Level Badge Changes:
Along with changes to the naming conventions, you will also see a change to the user badges. You can see the new badges in the table below.
Please note, ONLY paid Evernote employees/staff members will have the Evernote Staff badge. Additionally, all former employees will have the Evernote Alumni badge to signify that they were previously employed with Evernote.
Guests do not have a badge.




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