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[REQUEST] Save note scrolling location, when you reopen note it takes you to that place



I can't believe this is not a default feature.

I have huge notes and I am using Evernote extensively, but each time when I open a note (and I do context switching a lot) it takes me to the top and I have to scroll for 5-10 seconds each time.

Can the state of the note be saved please?


If this was opensource I would implement it myself in a PR, but it's not.

How much do I have to pay for this feature?

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Hi.  Sadly you can't 'buy' a feature add-in,  but can suggest it in the Feature Request thread to see whether it attracts enough votes to convince Evernote that it would be cost-effective to spend the development and testing time to add this in to the application.  I can move your post there if you'd like me to do so.

Meantime - realistically a new feature will take months or years to happen (unless Evernote already has this in development) and my way of dealing with the issue is not to have long notes.  Even the longest document can be split into chapters,  sections or paragraphs and the whole thing linked by titles and tags.  Searching for tag:MyFirstNovel (forinstance) would give a set of notes that can be sorted by title from 001: Introduction to 999: Index.  (I actually start at 0010 and increment in 10's so I can add more sections as necessary)

The Table of Contents function is a handy way to avoid the need for the initial search (though you can also have a saved search) and the add-in app Filterize would update a dynamic ToC for you as new pages were added.  I sometimes work the other way around and plan my document headings first,  creating individual notes as I go.

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