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Evernote for Company Procedures


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I was hoping to leverage Evernote for company procedures and the recurring implementation of those procedures.  I'm still researching this idea but thought I would ask here what you more advanced ENers think is possible.

Use case today, though this needs to scale to 100 clients, is

  • Accounting Firm
  • 10 current clients
  • Each client has procedures specific to their company.  I would have a notebook for each client I think.
  • A long procedure would rarely exceed one printed double spaced page in length
  • Procedures need to recur.  Some annual, quarterly, monthly, biweekly, weekly or daily
  • Procedures need to be shareable with our team
  • Procedures need version history.  No need to lock some team members from making changes at this stage as long as we can fall back if someone makes a bad modification of a procedure
  • Team would also need to share some general notes about the client.  Background information mainly
  • 1Password would be used for confidential information like passwords and account numbers

These clients can generate a lot of documents needed to carry out those procedures but we have pretty good handle on those with hubdoc.  We have GSuite and Office 365 and I will probably set up a client folder in g drive for each as a back up to hubdoc if nothing else.

I like EN for note taking and being able to add a variety of data sources to the client notebook (audio, screenshots, text, web clips, etc.) I think the sharing of notebooks would work well but don't know how Team EN subscription level would help us. But I believe EN's terrible at reminders that recur (and meager at straight up reminders)  and that might be the show-stopper.  I thought I would check here to see if you guys have ideas on how to make EN work for this use case with integration.  We have Zapier today.  I can add a little more SaaS i guess but the $15 per user for Teams would be pretty painful already.

I'm researching more specific solutions to our needs but really want to use less customized solutions if possible so we don't become data hostages down the road.

Thanks for any advice you have.

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2 hours ago, Byter68 said:

But I believe EN's terrible at reminders that recur (and meager at straight up reminders) 

I can confirm that Evernote does not support recurring reminders.

"straight up" reminders works for me.  I can then reset the reminder; I also use an external service (Apple Calendar/Reminder) with a link to the note in Evernote.

I rely more on date searches than Evernote's reminder features.
For example, my current task list is generated by this search   
reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:*

>>Procedures need version history. 
Evernote maintains a Note History backup.  I also have personal backups.

>>Procedures need to be shareable with our team
Sharing is an Evernote feature, both within the team and externally.

>>so we don't become data hostages down the road.
I have no concerns about "data hostage".  It's easy to export our data; I do this in a weekly backup.



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Hmmn.  I can imagine a setup where this might work,  but IMHO you'd need to run it in test situations for a while to build up your own expertise in how to use the features involved.  In principle an Evernote account using Filterize can generate self-updating 'dashboards' based on notes with specific tags.  So all notes tagged with one client name and 'social media' could be added to that client's dashboard.  Add more client names and the note will be added to more dashboards.  Public share the source note and the dashboard note,  and the information is visible to whomever has the URL.  -Which is where things start to fall down rather a lot,  because security here is not exactly an option.  Note content could be restricted by password-protected text blocks and files,  but (MHO) it's not professional enough for business use.

If you're considering a Business account for this,  you could talk to a certified Evernote consultant who might have better ideas... https://evernote.com/certified-consultants

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