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Templates: Mobile Responsive?

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I've recently added a monthly calendar template to my Evernote (I use both Mac and Windows desktops) in hopes of setting up a work activity planner for the year. I also use the Evernote app on my Android heavily. The problem I've discovered is: the calendar templates (including the daily and weekly) do not seem to be mobile responsive and I would have to manually move the calendars around on my phone in order to use them. Does anyone know if there are separate, mobile-responsive templates or is this a bridge that Evernote has just not yet crossed? It seems in 2019, this would have long-ago been a feature.

Thanks for helpful answers!

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Does anyone fancy responding to this its very frustrating, the calendar is the main reason I use this app, I don't want to sync Evernote to a calendar such as Google or outlook, I just want to use thr Evernote calendar template but be able to use it on my mobile as well as desktop. 

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11 hours ago, DH3 said:

Same problem here.. in fact I can't use any templates I'm the mobile Android app.. it just says not available. Smh asking this in 2020😂

Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm not sure what "mobile responsive" meant in the original post. If the calendars are tables, then indeed the Evernote mobile apps have not, in the past, been able to work well with tables. But if you simply can't access any templates at all, that's a different story. I find that I am able (in a very quick test) to apply the monthly calendar template to a note I'm creating. I'd suggest posting this in the Android-specific forum, where you might more readily encounter others with a similar problem. Or, since you've got a Premium subscription you might want to contact Evernote support; we're mainly other users here.

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