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Correct indentation of checklists



Checklists are incredibly useful, but often look disordered and ugly on mobile screens (and sometimes desktop) when checklist items span multiple lines.

I'd love to see a quick fix where checkbox items that span multiple lines stay indented, so the text doesn't flow into the gutter where the checkboxes are. So, in other words, they should act like numbered lists & unordered lists already do. It would make scanning long checklists way easier, and just add to the polish of Evernote in general.

Please let me know if this is a duplicate – I did a search but couldn't find anything.

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I absolutely agree.  The tool should not dictate the content, but I have to keep my checklist items very short to avoid them wrapping, which is bad - the tail wagging the dog.

In other words, checklists should wrap and justify correctly just like bulleted and numbered lists.

Perhaps we're asking for an option to make the bullets clickable checkboxes?  But whatever's easy to fix this.

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On 1/27/2019 at 4:07 AM, Wilf Forrow said:

In other words, checklists should wrap and justify correctly just like bulleted and numbered lists.

It's fine to ask for the behavior, of course, but it's also good to remember that there are no such things as checklists in Evernote. There *are* checkboxes, though, and they're implemented, handled and behave differently than the true lists (bulleted and numbered). For example, you can put a checkbox anywhere in your text, even if the current line already has a checkbox in it (I use this feature on occasion). In general, they tend to behave like a normal text characters with special properties (if you click on it, it toggles, etc.). The one thing they do have in common with the true lists (bullets and numbers) is that if there's a checkbox at the beginning of the line of text where your cursor resizes, a carriage return will cause a new line to be created with a new checkbox  at its start. But otherwise, checkboxes in Evernote aren't lists.

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