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Still not able to print

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I installed 6.17 on one computer to see how it is going and dismayed that printing is not usable. Evernote did have a reasonable print and print preview utility that I could set margins and check to see if I needed to edit down to reduce wasted pages. So now even though they have Page Layout, it does nothing, Print prints without margins, and now you are forced to use that Foxit program to preview and it does not give any options to set margins. Foxit is nasty, installs all sorts of malware (as far as I am concerned) and wants to get lots of money for us. 

Evernote? Is this the end of printing? Why should I use Evernote if I have to keep swapping documents out to some other program? 

(To all of you who are going to shame me for not being paperless you have to realize that paperless may work for you personally, but in the real world where I am there are many workers who need instructions and who do not carry a laptop or table around with them. I find Evernote an excellent way to quickly produce and revise instruction books on the fly. ) 

And now I cannot open PDF's in Adobe Acrobat Reader!!!

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Hi.  I'm using 6.17.5 and Print Preview pops up my note content (PDF or not) in an Acrobat browser for me.  Since you can't open that feature anyway,  is Acrobat installed on that machine?

You could always export the attachments to desktop and use your local print resources from there,  or have a look at the note in the web version and use browser controls to do basic formatting...

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Thanks gazumped, I am testing more. Reinstalled Adobe Acrobat, seems trying Foxit might have knocked it out. I did not realize that the pdf viewer, which ever, was adjusting the size of the page, be it PDF for just text to fit a page. So If I set the margins to 1" I get 1.3" both sides, setting them to 0.7" I get 1" both sides. So not quite perfect. But better than I first thought. 

Note to Self: Always restart, reboot. Frequently. Even your phone. 


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In the Windows desktop program, there should be a toolbar right below the File - Edit - View, etc., menu bar, and on that toolbar there should be a printer icon. If that icon is not showing, right click one of the existing icons on that toolbar, click Customize Toolbar, and drag the printer onto the bar. Hope that helps.

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