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Hello. I'm using free version of Evernote in Russian. After the last update I can't use Evernote. The program opens the window and writes ' CANT_CREATE_TABLE'

Than in Russian it is written that I have to be sure in accses to the base file and I have to repeat a try. You can see the print screen in a picture below. 

My account is available in Evernote site in Internet browser. But the program has the problem with correct start.

Please, give me an advice what should I do? I case of new update that solves the problem will I recive the update in case the program have that problem or I shoud uninstal program and instal it one more time?


Evernote bag.png

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It seems your local DB might be in a bad state. Please try closing Evernote, going to the Command window or Run (Windows + R) and run the following command:

Evernote.exe /NoLastState

Then start Evernote again.

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