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Reminders stopped working

Ian Jennings


Any suggestions? One day a note, accompanied by a ping, was popping up on my Mac & my iPhone whenever a reminder was due, and the next day nothing, on either the Mac or the iPhone. I might as well not have these reminders if I have to make a mental note to check Evernote to see whether one is due. Help would be much appreciated.

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I have had the same issue for a month or so.  I have searched the forums and checked the app reviews to see if this was a recurring theme.  It seemed to coincide with the latest Android update.  I've checked my notification settings in the app and on the advanced device settings.  I started setting reminders on another app to check my Evernote account, still setting reminders within the Evernote app and hoping that the glitch would be discovered and rectified with the next update.  

UPDATE:  As crazy as this sounds, I have not had a reminder in weeks.  Less than an hour after I posted this comment, I got a reminder notification.  Kinda creepy actually...

UPDATE of UPDATE:  And that was just an anomaly.  I have not had any more since that bizarre hiccup. 

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7 hours ago, Anthro said:

My reminders have also stopped working. This is the most important feature of Evernote for me so it's really upsetting that I can't figure out what is going on.

Welcome to the forums, Anthro! I also use reminders a lot. What device(s) are you using? I just did a test on Android phone, and the notification did arrive, both audibly and in the notification tray; a notification also popped up onscreen in the Windows Evernote program.

For those who are not getting their reminders from Evernote, there's a service called Cronofy Calendar Connector, which links your Evernote account to your calendar (Google, iCloud, Exchange, etc.). You then get notifications from your calendar as well. This could supply your need until the Evernote issue is fixed.

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Still getting the occasional random reminder pop up and ping but mostly nothing. Am not using Android - as I mentioned in the original post, I use a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. Was in touch with Evernote support but they got bored a week or so and simply stopped responding (a bit like their reminders;-))

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this is not just an Android problem; I have logged a help request for my iphone XR ; I used to depend on my EN reminders to pop up on my computer, iphone, laptop to keep me productive.

This seems to have gone

see my help request below

Elias Nasser

Feb 23, 13:35 PST

I have previously used EN to be my primary reminder tool (across computers, phone etc). For some reason the iPhone notifications are no longer happening. I previously had an iPhone 6 and recently purchased an iPhone XR.

When I navigate to Notifications in the iPhone settings there is no option for EN notifications to turn on

I really want to keep EN as my reminder tool but at the moment its not working

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2 hours ago, daudaxx said:

Dear @EverNote , are you planning to fix this issue?

You're posting in a user discussion forum.  To contact Evernote Support, open a ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

Reminders are working for me (Mac/IOS)

  • I'm able to add a reminder date to a note
  • I'm able to add completion date/status
  • I receive an email, and device notifications
  • I'm able to use searches for open reminders.  For example, my Current Task List is generated by search reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:*

>>other softwares to cover this gap.

I use Apple Calendar/Reminders


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