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Checkbox - Reduce size so line spacing doesn't expand



Hi - I LOVE checkboxes in EN, except that when I use them they increase the line spacing, so I see fewer lines in the page, which makes for a less efficient note. 

As a result, I've stopped using checkboxes for long lists (like work plans), which is a bummer.

It'd be great if the checkboxes were formatted to not increase line spacing (or have the option not to).

Thank you!

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This is a great idea. I just upgraded to the current EN and it caused my notes to have significantly larger line spacing because of the checkbox spacing.

I hate to have to stop using checkboxes, but I have to in order to go back to seeing a useful number of lines at a time on the screen. Windows PC.

Please make it possible to control line spacing in general, and specifically to control the line spacing (or checkbox size) when using checkboxes.


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