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I have recently started using Evernote on my Nexus One and I'm really in love with this app. I am also using Mac version of Evernote. This app has made my life so easy by saving all the important information and sharing it between my Mac and Android device.

Long story cut short, after using the app for little while I desperately felt the need of a sub menu on the selected note for "Send to SMS" or "Share to" so I can send my saved note to my friend through sms or send it on facebook etc

hey developer, please add the facility of sending the viewed note to send it through sms or other available social networks.

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You may want to check whether your friend's SMS phone has an email gateway, so that you can send the message via email instead. Direct SMS (without using an email address to go through the carrier's gateway) is a bit tricky, and we'd be charged for every message.

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I am facing similar problem. Generally you get a call from some new persona and then you want to share your address or in many cases email id. sms is the best option as you already have the phone number. I currently use HTC desire SV and I have all required addresses from my previous phone and now I have found that I can not send the address thru sms/text.

I will also request the developer to add the facility to send a note directly via sms.

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