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Copy paste from evernote to word - always pastes DOUBLE

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Copy paste from evernote to word - always pastes DOUBLE 

If press Ctrl+A and then copy the contents in a note...  then if i paste it in Word... all the pictures in the note is pasted as DOUBLE... but the text is single...

this is a serious issue..


please rectify it as soon as possible

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Usually to debug copy/paste and other clipboard issues, I use a 3rd party application to see what is actually on the clipboard. You can do a web search on "windows clipboard utility" or something like it; I use ClipSpy and ClipboardFormatSpy.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I tried a lipboard software.. does not help..


I still have the problem.


All those who answered for this problem, just said that they done have the problem...

IS there no solution to this...

Please note that the "pictures" are pasted double.. not the text..

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