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Copy paste from evernote to word - always pastes DOUBLE

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Copy paste from evernote to word - always pastes DOUBLE 

If press Ctrl+A and then copy the contents in a note...  then if i paste it in Word... all the pictures in the note is pasted as DOUBLE... but the text is single...

this is a serious issue..


please rectify it as soon as possible

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Usually to debug copy/paste and other clipboard issues, I use a 3rd party application to see what is actually on the clipboard. You can do a web search on "windows clipboard utility" or something like it; I use ClipSpy and ClipboardFormatSpy.

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I tried a lipboard software.. does not help..


I still have the problem.


All those who answered for this problem, just said that they done have the problem...

IS there no solution to this...

Please note that the "pictures" are pasted double.. not the text..

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I'm having exactly the same issue. It's strange that it started out the blue. 
I'm running an older version, since I really disliked the new version of Evernote for the lack og good screenshot capabilities for Windows 10. 

Also only have issues with pictures. 
I'm running v. 

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I think this may be a Windows problem rather than EN. I have the issue sometimes when copying text from anywhere to a WordPress edit box. I get duplicated pastes.

There's a few Microsoft support threads about this happening on Skype as well.

WIN + V will open up the clipboard explorer where you can see exactly what's been copied.

There's a also some suggestions that if you paste from the right click menu it doesn't happen.

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Windows has its own unique clipping personality - however there are other apps out there that will clip desktop content and save it as image files / paste content elsewhere. Nimbus screenshot & screen video is an example...

If at first you don't succeed - try a different app. ;)

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Try this, which worked for me after I suddenly and unexpectedly started to have all copied items double spaced.

First, bring up the keyboard.

Click on the settings cog icon.

Go to Custom Symbols.

In the top right click on reset.

Then retry your copy and paste from the beginning.

Hope it works for you.




What we know is far far less than what we don't know.

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