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Evernote Web Clipper Permissions


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I see the Firefox addon gets permission to " Access your data for all websites "

TECHNICALLY, this would allow the Evernote web clipper to read all passwords I type in Firefox and all the websites I visit.

I understand why the clipper needs access to this permission but am very concerned by the technical ability of the web clipper to for example, read and transmit my banking and Gmail password.


- What info does the web clipper send back to third party servers (other than articles clipped) - URLs, category of websites surfed, keywords etc


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Hi.  Like a lot of answers here,  this is one to a question you didn't actually ask:  although web browsers say they have cleaned up their respective acts about password security,  I still think it's a bad idea to use the browser for that purpose anyway.  There are a number of add-ins out there,  like LastPass and BitWarden that will keep your passwords in secure using "AES 256 bit encryption as well as PBKDF2" (lifted from BW's website) so the issue of other add-ins reading passwords over your shoulder doesn't arise.  I use BitWarden.

As to your actual question,  I have no idea - but we're a (mainly) user supported website.  Evernote might not be willing to share too much detail here - commercial security and all that - but you could try tweeting @EvernoteHelps for more...  you may get some information here -https://evernote.com/security

If you do get any more information,  please do post it in this thread.


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Definitely appreciate your perspective and the fact that only Evernote can answer this question.

This is a fairly important question for Evernote to answer in terms of what their clip on does. How many users realise the technical abilities of the permissions given to this web clipper, including for example the ability to read all your emails.

Anyone from Evernote who can comment on this?



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Actually this is a great question .. probably has crossed everyone's mind at some point.

To circumvent this.. I do not use the Evernote's webclipper extension [I use only three extensions in Firefox quantum], rather I use Lightshot or One note's Clipper [For windows] and Shutter [For Elementary OS]. These app's do not need to be added to your browsers, rather are separate softwares.

I also use a software called Click.to [paid] that allows you to transfer whatever you have copied be it 'texts' or 'screenshots' to evernote, Google keep, documents, any image editing software and several others.

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I was looking for a grayscale add for Firefox. Funny you mentioned Dark Reader - I will install it.

I see that both Multi-account and Dark Reader also ask for "Access your data for all websites."  I assume you did some digging around to get comfortable with these add-ons. I ask because you seem pretty aware of the issue and if you already researched their privacy policy and open-source code (if any), then I wouldn't spend any time researching them and would just start using them

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Hi @Help_me

Below you can read the official reply from Mozilla addressing exactly this question [ I sometimes wonder how the Mozilla guys always make some time to answer the important questions]


If you ask me, I tend to install very few add-ons [mostly those that qualify for 'Editor's choice] . Secondly I use Keepass [Mother of all password managers] for managing passwords.. and for very sensitive passwords i still prefer my brain or pen and paper. Heard good things about Bitwarden ... still i prefer my passwords to be offline.

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