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Printing all folder notes, each on separate pages

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Hi -

I would like to print the 100+ notes in my GTD folder. I can select all the notes (or some selection), and print (or print to PDF)....but, I'm trying to get each note on it's own sheet of paper, so that in the future I can reprint individual notes without losing parts of other notes. There are only a few notes which are more than one page in length.

I am attempting to create something like

Paper sheet 1: Note 1, front

Paper sheet 2: Note 2, front/back

Paper sheet 3: Note 3, front

Paper sheet 4: Note 4, front

...and so on.


In Tools/Options/Printing, I have selected the option "Print each note on separate page", but that only starts each note on the next page, not on a new paper sheet.

Any other ideas?




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I think this can be done (somewhat to my surprise, I have to say), though I'm not quite clear on what the difference is between "each note on the next page" and "on a new paper sheet."

Use the setting you found in Tools > Options > Printing (and choose any other options you want there, e.g., including the title of the note and/or notebook). Next, in the Note List panel in the center, select all the notes in the notebook (not "folder"): click the first note, then do Ctrl+A; or click them in the order in which you want them to print. This will produce a view in the Note Panel on the right showing the number of notes selected. Then do File > Print Preview (or Ctrl+Shift+P). This will create a temporary PDF document with the printout of the notes formatted as specified in Options > Printing, and open it in your default PDF viewer. Do the final massaging of the print formatting (multiple pages on a sheet, double-sided printing, etc.) in the PDF viewer. You can achieve the same result with File > Print to PDF in Evernote, which will let you save the file on disk and then open it in your PDF viewer. Hope that's some help.

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Dave-in-Decatur ;

Thanks for your response. That is exactly the way I use to print out multiple notes from a notebook. However, the difference is "on a new paper sheet".

I normally print double-sided, in order to save paper. So imagine that

- page 1 is the front of paper sheet 1

- page 2 is the back of paper sheet 1

- page 3 is the front of paper sheet 1

and so on.


I would like each note to be on it's own sheet of paper, since over time I will likely edit each note, and then reprint. 

However, if the note extends over 2 (or more) pages, I would like to print double sided.

In this scenario, what I really want is for each note to start on an odd number page (e.g., Page 1, Page 3, etc) so that it is always starting on a new sheet.

Since I have 179 notes to print, I'd prefer not to print each individually.

My only current brainstorm is to print to a PDF  file, than manually insert blank pages where appropriate to insure that each note begins on a new "paper sheet". However, that is only marginally less burdensome than printing each note individually.

If I didn't care are reprinting updates, than the current process you outlined (and I have been using) works great. However, as I mentioned these notes are in fact part of my GTD project management system, and I would expect (and fully hope) that as I continue to edit, complete, and identify new projects, I will be reprinting individual notes incrementally.

Any other ideas are welcomed. In the interim, thanks for your efforts to describe a provisional solution!





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Thanks, Ed, I understand now. So what you really need is for each note to be considered a separate "document," with printing starting over on each one. I don't think Evernote is set up for that level of sophistication in printing. A PDF solution, such as the current brainstorm you mention, may be the only way to do it.

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