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I have been trying to scan business cards into Evernote.  I use the camera and then try to scan the image.  It captures (after a while) and then I briefly see the card.  Then the image goes dark.  It does this on every card that I try to scan.

Is there another step or some reason the image goes dark?rsz_capture-_2019-01-13-08-23-27.png.76aa305a44bad4e80080a51a34e21e96.png


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Hi.  Looks like the autofocus didn't pick up the card.  Suggestions would be

  1. Tap the icon (if there is one) for a bigger image to see if the card is there at all
  2. Try again, in a good light and with a contrasting plain background about the size of a book under the card - so there's a clear margin all around the edges
  3. Switch between the autofocus and manual options (small icon,  top right of your screen) and tap the thumbnail for options of how to save it ('business card' is one)
  4. Sync / uninstall / restart / reinstall the app - there aren't any fixes as such for the mobile app...


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