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How do I get to the title using keyboard?


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I make a new note.

After pausing on the title, the focus gets switched to the content.

From content, I can't get back to the title using the keyboard. Why?

Am I missing something?

I normally would hit Shift + Tab.

I don't think the same happened until after the fairly recent overhaul in the web version.

OK... so I can use my mouse to click in the title area! But this is taking up half a second of my time!

Thanks. 😀


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4 hours ago, gazumped said:

Oops.  Sorry - F2 probably not relevant in that case.  My bad.  🤓

Yeah, I always access via the forum headers, so I'm usually aware of the post context. But people do sometimes post in the wrong forum, so I figure it's better to ask if it's ambiguous...

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Thanks for the replies guys.

Yes, I only use the web login.

I don't use the Windows software.

I only use to make text notes for my own personal use.

Is there a solution to my huge critical problem? 🙂 

I'll live with it if I have to. LOL.



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It's theoretically possible to use some of the automation apps like AutoHotKey and Phrase Express to translate a keystroke into a mouse movement,  but I haven't needed to do so.  Can't suggest anything else though I'm afraid...

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