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Multiple subscriptions

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I have a dilema I cannot figure out.  It seems that I have two subscriptions to evernote.  One was a renewal from iTunes to a premium account and the other was paid directly to Evernote and is a plus account.  When I log on it seems I am always looking at the plus account, when I paid for the subscription I assume that all of my account information was captured in the plus account.  I really don't want a plus account and prefer the premium account but I don't know exactly how to proceed.  When my itunes account expired it was supposed to renew through paypal but there was a billing problem and it did not renew.  I then paid for a new subscription to a plus account directly to evernote.  When I fixed my billing problem in paypal then the iTunes subscription renewed.  I really only want the premium account.  Any suggestions on how to deal with this situation.  I am not talking about a refund that is a separate issue.  When I open evernote it appears I am on the plus subscription and it always asks if I want to upgrade to premium.  As I already have premium how do I get these two subscriptions worked out.  I am thoroughly confused at this point.  If I have not given enough information please ask me questions so I can explain better.

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Two accounts is not a problem; I have two accounts. 
The accounts have different userids.

Log out of Evernote on your devices. 
When you login, you control which account is being accessed.

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