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Can't edit a table

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Hi, I was working on a table and would like to continue it, but the + button which exist to add a column or line have disappeared and I can only write on already exihisting cells. The layout is also different, so that I cannot see the whole table on the screen, but I need to go through the scrollbar. What can I do to be able to edit the table again, the way it was before? 

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On 2/13/2020 at 6:56 PM, stevenrussert said:

I seem to have a similar problem. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10 and also tried Brave browser; I no longer have the ability to add rows or to adjust column widths in my table. 

So you are using the Evernote web client. In the latest beta (Evernote Web v5.29.0) on Chrome for Windows, I can add/remove rows, resize columns, etc. Ditto the "Classic" editor (same version #).. What version are you using?

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