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Ability to turn off Auto Correct and Give us actual Post its!



Please add a post-it function for quick noting. Just a click and note, like post-its in real life. 

And the option to turn off auto correct, for ***** sake, how else am I supposed to type drunkenly and decipher it later? It can't hurt to allow us to turn it off. 

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Can you give us more details on the "Post its"?  716864193_ScreenShot2019-01-08at15_24_36.png.6c122c8ff065424361066916cfa6cab2.png

I use the Evernote Helper for quick notes
I'm already opening selected notes in their own windows.

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I mean in a note, perhaps you have a wall of text but just want to slap an idea on top. Make a post-it which creates a box you can write on and post onto the text. Or if you have an image or PDF you can slap a post-it on top of it, like annotating without affecting the piece. Would also come in handy when working with others on a note. 

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