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(Archived) about "email" function

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It version 2, when we selsect a note and select send to mail recipient, a temporary .eml file is created and is open by the default email client, such as thunderbird. In the email, the note was not only put in the body of the email as HTML format, but also as a attachement file (.enx). Thus others who receive it could easily browse it (HTML) and import into his own Evernote by doubleclick the .enx file. Why this function is cancled in the version 3? In version 3 beta, only HTML format content of the note is put in the email:(

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We are currently developing the updated enx3 format, which will be understood across different Evernote clients. Once it is done, we'll add enx3 import/export feature, along with the ability to drag-n-drop to create enx3 on the desktop, and the ability to insert enx3 as email attachments.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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