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"Create a Space" window appearing unexpectedly

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Many times per day, the "Create a Space" window appears when I Command-Tab to switch back to Evernote.  It's crazy-making.  I click the back button, but it doesn't go away.  The only way to get rid of it is to close the entire window and then do "New Window" from the File menu to start over with my normal Evernote window.  I wish I could attach the screen shot, but basically it's the entire Evernote screen.   Anyone else seeing this?  Is it on a bug list? 

I'd email Evernote support, but for some reason I can't log in on the site to do so due to our Evernote business account using the Okta verification.

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Hi.  I assume 'create a space' is specific to Business or Macs - I've never seen it.  We're a -mainly- user supported forum so no access to Support,  but you should be able to submit a ticket without logging in - there's a 'guest' option;  also a Twitter account is available.  I'll flag this post to see whether an Admin can help...

Edit:  sorry - slow on the uptake here "Spaces" are a Business feature.  (Doh!)

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I thought it was just me experiencing this problem. See my post "Create A Space Prompt Keeps Popping Up" that I created yesterday.

It is driving me so crazy that I'm thinking of converting back to OneNote that's included in my company's Office 365 subscription

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