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Typing lag during syncing

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I'm running Evernote 7.6 on a Mac running Mojave.

I've noticed that Evernote functionality has begun to slow down while the app syncs. I'm a pretty speedy typist, and, while I'm typing a note, Evernote will frequently try to sync the note as I'm editing (I'm not sure that there's a formal answer to the question of how often the Mac client will try to sync, but my experience says it's somewhere around every 3-5 seconds when it detects that editing is happening). This used to be no problem, but now it will cause a delay in the entered text being rendered on the screen, which makes it annoying to type--you have to pause and wait a second to get visual feedback that you've typed everything correctly. Doing this dozens of times in a notetaking session is...annoying.

It's grown annoying enough that I'm beginning to consider workarounds (like turning off the wi-fi when I'm doing a lot of editing, or creating a local notebook to work in and then batch-copying everything to my regular notebook). But... entering non-formatted text in a simple, small note should be probably the most lightweight, everyday task for a robust notetaking app, and if Evernote can no longer handle it without little moments of choking, that's... really a problem.  

I believe Windows users have a feature where they can set Evernote to sync only after a certain number of minutes has gone by--does the Mac version have the ability to mimic this functionality? Alternately, have other people noticed this lag problem? I'm rather hopeful that it's a problem specific to my current setup, and that it could be fixed with some troubleshooting? Would love to compare notes on this against other folks...

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3 hours ago, jbushnell1 said:

I've noticed that Evernote functionality has begun to slow down while the app syncs.

Unfortunately, it has been that way for a while.  I'm running Evernote 6.11.1 (455059) on macOS 10.12.6, and when EN syncs, everything else pretty much stops.  Clicking on a different Note will NOT display the Note, for example.

ATTN: @Evernote: (  @Chantal Leonard, @Johnathan Hebert, @Jason Miller )  

  • Rather than working on new features, like changing the toolbar UI (which no one wants), how about fixing major issues like this sync issue.
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I have noticed that the typing lag continues (in a possibly lessened form) even when my Wi-Fi is off, which makes me wonder if the syncing actually is the issue. Anyone else having typing lag issues? I do note that the release notes for 7.7 say "you can now type faster than ever," I wonder if upgrading will help? (I'm hesitant to upgrade as you never quite know whether you're going to get a nasty surprise with whatever fixes you get.)

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On my MacBook Pro, latest Catalina, latest EN release: No lagging, sync runs in the background. Just on closing EN there may be a short wait for the sync to run through.

If I would encounter lagging of any app on my Mac, I would open the activity monitor to see what is going on. There can be may jobs running, most of them in the background, and they all draw system ressources.

In general there is one issue on some Macs, which is the Fusion Drive. It starts with nice speeds, but once the SSD-Part is filled up, it starts to slow things down. EN makes use of its data base, and if it is on a HDD, it is a know issue that performance is bad. This happens on Windows and on Macs.

If on a paid account, @gazumped is right to raise it with support. Maybe they can read something from the activity log.

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