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Customize how Evernote Dark Mode remaps text colors?

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Wondering if anyone else is seeing the following behavior: I'm running Evernote 7.7 (the latest as of Jan 2019) under macOS Mojave configured for Dark Mode. My notes are also displayed in Evernote Dark Mode. Highlighted text (normally black text with a yellow background) is displayed as white text on a brown background. I find this very difficult to read. 

Is this behavior native to macOS Mojave's Dark Mode or is Evernote trying to automagically remap foreground and background colors? If the latter, is there a way to customize these color mapping choices?

Note: I tried creating my own custom highlighted text using the EverTool editor mentioned in recent threads and the text that it generates has its colors oddly mapped when pasted into a note as well.

Goal: Have yellow highlighted text that renders the same under Light or Dark modes.


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