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Questions on note thumbnail images displayed in Snippet View and other list formats

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Evernote appears to cache the first (?) image added to a note and displays a thumbnail of this image in various lists of notes including the Snippet View.

1. When you add an image to a note and then delete the image, the deleted image's thumbnail still remains with the note. Is there any way to clear this cached image from a note? Creating a new note, copying the note's contents to the new note, and then deleting the original note is one technique ... but this breaks links to the original note.

2. If you have multiple images in a note is there a way to force a specific image to be the source of the note's thumbnail image vs having the note's thumbnail image default to the first image inserted in a note (that's a guess) or a random image within the note?

3. Sometimes I have notes with an image and the image doesn't seem to produce a note thumbnail. Is there a reason for this, eg. some min/max image size, color resolution, or image file format?


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I noticed your same sentiments too. Did you ever figure out why EN keeps thumbnails of photos thar have been deleted from within a note? (Or how to really delete that pic?)

I know choosing the thumbnail is not possible. As it's been explained, supposedly EN chooses the image with the largest smallest dimension (could it be more random or confusing of a parameter?) ex: u have 3 images

100x200, 150x500, 400x50

50, 100 and 150 are the smallest measurements so the 150x500px image will be the cover photo.

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I'm wondering if there has been any further discussion on this. I use the web app (Windows 10) and I am continually frustrated by this. My most current frustration is where I delete the thumbnail image entirely and put one or two other images in the note, hoping that one of them will replace the thumbnail image but neither of them are selected - I'm still stuck with that original image (which is an internal site ad, so it wasn't blocked by my simplified format). I thought I remembered from a few years ago that if you delete the offending image & refresh the page, it will proceed with a different selection but I haven't seen this happen since the big switch a year or so ago. 

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I have a work around for anyone trying to get rid of an old image/thumbnail that just won't go away like the Terminator.  Assuming you have already deleted the image & any links to that image. Just copy and paste up a new note with all the old info in it as it stands now updated.  And have another other large sized image placed preferably at the top of the note that you prefer to see.  Again so copy the old note and then paste it into a new replacement note. Then after carefully checking which is the old note I delete it. The new note will show the new photo you prefer to see.  Of course there should be an easier way to do this but this work around does the trick for me!!! 

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