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I used to have the option of bold, italics, underline, positioning of text (e.g. centred), tick boxes, bullets, crossed out writing etc. and it's completely disappeared.


I've mostly used Google Keyboard, so why has it vanished? These formatting options made Evernote superior.


Grateful for any help!

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7 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

What is the version number? I have v. 8.7.0, which is the latest one available to me, but sometimes updates roll out gradually to different locations. For me, all those functions are working, via the a icon at the top of the note window. Moreover, another user has reported the exact same issue; I've invited them to contribute here.

Hello, I'm using the latest version and the bold a has just appeared (or did I not see it beforehand?!) and it's now working wonderfully! 


Thank you everyone for your help!

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9 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Great, good to hear it, although disconcerting to think that the feature was missing previously! I posted the wrong link to a similar report previously; the correct link is:

@Ceefour21, can you comment?

Yea, mine isn't still working. If I tap the a key, it brings out the features but, when I tap on them individually, they do not work.

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