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Updates (typing) lost from note repeatedly

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v6.16.4.8094 running on Windows 10.

I have repeatedly seen typing updates to be lost from a note. I have rebooted but still the problem recurs.

The particular note I am editing is a complex one, in that it has approx 900 hyperlinks. It is a list of tickets of interest I've seen, one per line.
The issue is probably triggered by the complexity.

The other possible triggering factor is that pretty much immediately after the typing, I clicked the X in the corner. I normally hit the Esc key. I haven't seen the issue when I hit Esc but will try to verify.

Select All on this particular note takes over a second, much slower than other notes, and so does removing the selection.
In the most recent loss, the new text was saved but the hyperlink, which was added last, was lost. Previously whole lines have been lost. I'm thinking this looks like a timing condition where the close of the window interrupts the normal processing,

Evernote devs: to try to reproduce, get a big note (possibly on a slow PC to exaggerate it or have some CPU intensive going), preferably with hyperlinks in it, do some typing and add a hyperlink them immediately hit the X in top right.

All the best,

P.S. I love Evernote and don't want to panic anyone; I think this is a real corner case restricted to my one massively hyperlinked note.

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