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Hello from a prospective student.

I am using Evernote a lot on my phone to study (Spanish, in this case) on the go.

Listening to podcasts etc. it is great to just swap back and forth to jot down the notes.

But would any one else fancy an add-on / feature which could somehow display the content of a certain note as flashcards.

Perhaps like the to-do feature is already very well implemented.

Added functionality to a fantastic program!

Esben, Denmark

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Three options come to mind.

- Depending upon the platform you are using you could encrypt the answer with a simple password (like four 1's) & then just show the answer when you are ready. It isn't quick, but it might work.

- Put enough carriage returns between the questions & answers that you need to scroll down to view the answer.

- Change the answer font color to match the background (white). The text would be invisible, so you'd need to highlight it to see the answer.

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