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Will sharers of a notebook I created lose it if I delete it?

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I have searched online and in the forums and can't find an answer to my question:


I have created notebooks and shared them with co-workers. We are using personal accounts (3 are on Pc, one is on Mac). 

I am now leaving the company and don't want the legacy of old work Notebooks in what will now be a purely personal space.

When I shared the Notebooks, I did it via workchat with 'Can Invite and Edit' permissions ticked.

If I delete the Notebooks from my account, will my co-workers lose them? 

If so, is there any way we can save the Notebooks to their own accounts so I can happily delete them from mine?


Many thanks for any advice. Mo

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Hi Gazumped,

Thanks very much for your response. Yes, we all see any changes that are made in any of the notebooks and notes.

I'd like to do option two of your three options as that seems to be the best way to approach this but I now have a 'how to' question - how do I get one of my colleagues to 'host' one of the notebooks I created?

Yes, measure twice, thrice, cut once! I will test for sure


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On 1/2/2019 at 10:44 AM, gazumped said:

Tell your colleagues to copy all the notebooks to their own account(s).  Each one will then have their own copy of the content.  NB If one user makes a change to a note,  no-one else will see the change.

Hello @gazumped! I want to do what you say here and copy content, but "move", "copy", and "duplicate" are all greyed out. 
PC. I use EN online only, not Windows desktop version. My Project Manager is leaving. She created only one notebook, "Project Manager." The notes created within that notebook were only created to save me time of creating them myself (scanned items, research, etc).  The notes she shared to me are currently "edit & invite." But I want to absorb them into my notes now, not have to click into "shared folder." I would be fine with copying the 25 notes to then make them my own content, but I cannot access the feature. Help!?

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22 hours ago, RJRland said:

I want to do what you say here and copy content, but "move", "copy", and "duplicate" are all greyed out. 

Hi.  Evernote Web is a cut-down version of the desktop application without some of the key features.  More may be available later this year,  but for the moment (I think) you probably need a laptop/ desktop computer on which you can install the full package from Evernote.com.  Other web users might be able to help more (I don't have any shared notes to allow me to test it here,  and in any event I seem to be a version or two behind the current release).  As a subscriber you could check also with Evernote Support to see if they can suggest any alternatives... 

Evernote support is available via the website (subscribers)


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