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past years on one page


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I write my personal diary on Evernote.
what I want is a diary where I can see previous years entries at a glance.   That is a page where the same day is written each year.  Its very interesting to see the same day on the same page over the last number of years without having to go back to the older notebooks.
Before I found Evernote I used an A4 book to write 5 years and its fascinating to see how things have changed over the previous years.  I hope you can understand that.
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I store my journal notes in Evernote; separate note(s) for each day
Using the search feature, I can generate different views of the data
For example the past three years
Daily Notes                                     1'st day of each month           1'st day of each year

1912516107_ScreenShot2018-12-27at11_18_12.png.294087870dbb5fd2a8256d0b5c18c90c.png  476908924_ScreenShot2018-12-27at11_20_05.png.aff22549ee79c45beed372bed2c0c838.png  2080589266_ScreenShot2018-12-27at11_19_14.png.f04a7ce569f84844921cfeb1aec0ac80.png

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