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Camera snap of Moleskine handwritten note problem

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When I take a snapshot from Evernote camera, Evernote shows a picture and beneath word "processing". And it never stops. I can take a picture only in manual mode. But that way, Evernote doesn't recognize tag stickers. It was working some time ago. Any suggestions?

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FYI-- I've had the same problem, but I did find a workaround. Since, as you mentioned, the "indefinite processing" problem only happens when the picture is taken in "Automatic Mode," I found that if I take the picture in "Manual Mode," go to the picture (without clicking the green checkmark), and then (under "Save As") choose "Document," I get a scan that appears to be the equivalent of the document scan I would get in "Automatic Mode." 

I do use Evernote dot-grid paper, but I don't use stickers so I don't know if my workaround would fix the problem you mention of sticker recognition.

About a week and a half ago I submitted a bug report on this issue, submitting my logs as per the instructions for submitting such bug reports. They responded and asked me to try the same "uninstall, reboot, reinstall" fix that Gazumped suggested. I reported to them that that did not work and sent them new logs. They then gave me instructions on how to submit a video to demonstrate the problem to them. I did that as well and they responded that they have escalated the problem to their programming team.

That news came a couple of days ago, and I've not heard back, but it is clear that they are now aware of the problem and working on it. I will report back when I hear more.

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