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(Archived) does whole note get uploaded each time I save it?



Say I have multiple images in a note, already saved, and then I add one sentence of text. Does evernote upload the whole note (with all images) each time it saves? (as opposed to an intelligent diff based save)

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It won't upload the images (or other attachments), but will upload the HTML textual content of the note after any edits. For your monthly upload allowance, we try to be smart about edits, so if you add a line of text into a note with some huge images, we'll only "charge" you for the amount that the note grew ... probably a few dozen bytes.

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Yes, if you add a new image (or PDF, etc.) to the note, then it would be based on the size of that new attachment. If you remove an image and replace it with a different version, we'll count the full size of the new image since we need to upload, store, and process that image separately.

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