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Images not Saving in Note after Orientation Switch

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I've noticed - and reproduced successfully a few times - an issue where pictures do not save to a note after capture (current app version is 8.7.0):

  1. Hit Add > Camera (Or Camera icon in note to add images) to open image capture screen
  2. Take picture of document in portrait or landscape mode
  3. While picture is saving, rotate phone to other orientation (so like from portrait to landscape)
  4. Take another picture
  5. Hit save icon
  6. Note appears blank

If you let the images save before rotating the phone to a different orientation, it works. But if you're a little too quick or your phone accidentally switches orientation, all captured images are just gone and the note is blank.

I no longer have a Premium account so can't submit this to the developers, so thought I'd share here to see if anyone is able to submit this bug, has recreated it and it's already been submitted, or knows a solid fix to this. 



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Support feedback: this is a known problem in dark theme.

Workaround: switch the app back to normal theme

Good enough for me as a temp workaround.


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Thanks @9errie - I appreciate it!

That is interesting - but good to know that this is a known issue and there is a simple temporary workaround.

Thanks again! Cheers, 

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