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Is there a way to search for notes with 1 tag only?

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Hi there,

When I search for notes tagged with specific "Tag1", Evernote returns all notes containing "Tag1" and "other tags" (default behaviour).

Instead of filtering out "other tags" by using "-Tag" search feature, is there way to search for notes tagged with 1 and only "Tag1"?

Using "tag:Tag1 AND -tag:*" obviously yields 0 returns.

Using "tag:Tag1 -tag:OtherTag1 -tag:OtherTag2 -tag:OtherTag3" is tedious and requires knowledge of "OtherTags".

Happy Christmas.

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It's also possible to use a List view and sort the tag column in ascending or descending order.  Similar tags will be sorted together,  including the one-tag notes.  You could then use a temporary tag to isolate them if necessary.

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