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Set As TimeLine Picture - Replace pre-set article pictures



Replacing pre-selected article image on Timeline with another image

When adding an article (from a URL/website) to Evernote the program applies the first image available to show next to a short text review in the Timeline. 
That image might not be representative for the content of the article. 
The article might contain images that are more suitable as the image automatically chosen by the program. 

My suggestion is to enable the user to change the pre-selected image to an image of own choice.

In the attached screenshot the article on the Timeline shows a picture of the author. 
To me that image is not representative nor relevant.
The article contains images that are much more suitable to stand out as markers for the content of the article: wind generators. 

It would be great if Right-Clicking one of those more relevant images in the article brought up the option "Set As TimeLine Picture". 
That action would than replace the irrelevant image on the TimeLine with the one chosen.

A "Remove TimeLine Picture" or "Replace Image" (with an image from the hard drive or a set of build in icons) option could also be handy. 

Allowing the user to set set its own images of choice would make Evernote more accessible.
As it is now removing the pre-set images from the article will NOT result in Evernote updating the image on the Timeline.
Hence empowering the user to do this would actually fix the program and make Evernote more relevant in representing the stored information.

Evernote Image Choice.jpg

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There are other requests for selecting the thumbnail in snippet view.

btw  Your use of "TimeLine" was confusing.  I'm guessing you're simply viewing the notes in date sequence.

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