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Link to local files issue

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Hello dconnect & all, I need some help with this issue please if you don't mind...

I've moved all of my directory files to another drive in my computer at home yesterday. C+P then re-C+P to a new drive.

This morning I can't open Evernote app on my desktop at all and get this dialogue box saying - please see attached files.

I think it's because the local file was saved to a location that is no longer available. I have found the files and moved them into Evernote 😄 Drive directory but no go.

I can't even open Evernote on my desktop to enable me to reset the destination for the local files.

I'm not going to mess with it anymore as I don't want to complicate things further and I'm sure there is a relatively easy answer to rectify this. I know nothing tho...if you require any further information from me then please ask away. I do know that all of my notes/notebooks are saved on the Web version.

can't open database.jpg

local folder.jpg

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The first message should be pretty obvious... The path to H: isn't there. The second one means you're on a network or removable drive. Highly not recommended because of how sqlite file locking works.

If you can't open EN (even the login screen is enough) to get to options, the database path is stored in the registry:


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When's the next estimated delivery time for fixing this issue? It's so annoying and it's making me go crazy! It's almost been 6 months since this issue has been reported on the forums already... I can't believe it's that complicated to fix accents since it was supported before that patch and other software normally handle this well! Thank you!

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As a simple user, I tried to take a closer look at this local hyperlink issue that is annoying me since January. 

The way accents in local path names are encoded when processed with CTRL+K in Evernote seems indeed to have changed. What I see however (or furthermore) is that the way SPACES  of local path names are encoded when processed with CTRL+K, has changed, too since version 6.17 (or even 6.16).

Example :  regular file path "S:\AAA Ever Note.doc"
>>>> old encoding:   "file:///S:/AAA%20Ever%20Note.doc."     (space = 
>>>> new encoding:       "file:///S:/AAA%2520Ever%2520Note.doc." (space = %2520)

Perhaps like some of you, I am working with thousands (!) of EN-hyperlinks to local files and folders. Changing them one by one would not only be a wearing and tedious thing, but above all, one doesn't know if new changes ot this kind will be coming soon. 

I've reported the issue in January 2019 and now communicated the above mentioned surely trivial  "finding" to EN support, seeking for advice in general terms, and more specifically asking...

- if older versions of EN (like 6.15 I'm still using) will stay functional and supported (also from a security point of view) for some time?,

- if there is a way or a workaround to bulk change ALL the hyperlinks in EN at once....

......questions that I'm humbly submitting likewise to you, dear Companions of Misfortune, begging pardon for amateurish language, reduandancy or even out-of-topicism.^^^

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