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Pop-up add for premium service blocks use of app?

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Dear Evernote,

What is this? I was in the middle of composing a letter to my daughter, when your app popped up an add for premium service that HAS NO WAY OF EXITING IT! Instead of continuing my writing (aka USING your app), I now have to deal with a pop-up add in the middle of my work? Whose idea was that? 



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100%. Looking for advice on how to disable this. Happens every frickin' time I open EN, sometimes more than once. If the company does not stop this or there's no way to disable it, I will, with great sadness, cancel my account. I've used EN for many years

Can you imagine having a paper notebook that threw up stuff you had to click away in order to jot down a note? Just, no.

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@nccomfort - Are you on a paid plan? I think EN's current direction is to try and get people to subscribe to a paid plan or EN would actually rather have them leave since EN doesn't make money in other ways (as Google, Apple, and Microsoft can do with their counterpart applications). So if you've used EN for many years and are not paying anything, I'm thinking they will be more than happy for you to leave and they'll keep hounding (maybe that's the price you pay) until users pay or leave.

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