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Arabic in evernote




i am trying my best to avoid Arabic writing in Evernote because it not designed for for some reason ! 

when trying to list numbers or bullets the typing will never look write because the number will not move the other side (Arabic is right to left)

i hope this get fixed and issues alike with them 

 i attached to pictures one from Evernote where the dot will never be on the right side 

and Word picture where its on the right side 

hope this helps in understanding the problem 





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@Ha1tham, you are correct. The Evernote Windows program does not work properly in Arabic, Hebrew, or other right-to-left languages. This problem has been known for several years. It mystifies me why we have not heard anything from Evernote about a solution, since this problem must affect a large number of users. Surely they know it is a problem; hopefully they are working on fixing it.

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