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Date picker/Calendar dropdown keyboard shortcut

Thiago Ghisi


The existing Insert Date shortcut (CMD+SHIFT+D) is really handy, but unfortunately, it doesn't solve my need (and I guess the need of many other users) most of the time. I feel that Evernote needs an easy way to display a calendar view and insert a particular date into the note, rather than always inserting the current date.

It could be as simple as a new keyboard shortcut. That would then display a calendar dropdown and allow the user to navigate and pick to insert a particular date using the date format that is already defined on the settings into their current note. 



Worst case scenario, as an MVP, this shortcut could just show the same calendar view that is displayed when setting up reminders:



For reference, this is a feature that I use often in Confluence at work and it is super helpful. I miss every day on Evernote, especially when trying to view the calendar to get a sense of time:





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