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Auto-generated Sequential Note Titles (or Names)



I stumbled on an idea of using Evernote to write my journal and maintenance logs of such as cars and appliances, etc.  It could be very useful and also opens up new use cases of the wonderful Evernote tool, if Evernote can auto-generate Note Titles (or Names) using data such as date, time, a simple sequencing rule, etc.  To allow more flexibility, settings would be used to control enable/disable, formats of the titles, various sequencing rules, affix or suffix rules, etc.  I got this idea from using Nikon Transfer 2 which auto-generates sub-folders using a simple rules and settings to store imported photos.  Very time saving and promoting consistency in grouping and organizing photos.  

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In the meantime, you could look into scripting to implement the "simple rules"

This is do-able on a Mac.  I use AppleScript to prefix note titles with subject date and other content; also assign tags and calendar entry 
Third party service Filterize also has the option for "simple rules"


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