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"Simplified article" clipping should respect selection




I love the ability to clip a simplified version of articles. Sadly, this mode doesn't give an option to expand what is being clipped.

As a consequence, the feature is virtually useless for Q&A sites like the stackexchange network or answers.microsoft.com, where it clips only the question, but not the answer.

It would be nice, if this feature would allow to either select what is to be clipped like normal article clipping, or respect the selection.

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Hi.  I tend to use Clipper 98% of the time on full automatic (just the way I roll...) but every so often there's a glitch with some adventurous page layout,  or some intrusive advertising,  which means I get too much content,  or way too little.  We all know editing an HMTL clip in note text can be hazardous for your mental health,  and sometimes (although I have done it) copying a webpage into two or three notes and merging the result is not pretty;  so I depend on my web browser of choice and either its native page grabber or an add-in app like Nimbus Capture. 

Currently I'm back with Firefox (<sigh>,  long story) but I recently circulated through Vivaldi and Blaze,  both of which have their own extensive page shot options,  as does Fx.  So if Clipper can't cope there are options,  including -

  • print to PDF and crop/ annotate the page in Acrobat
  • print to paper and literally cut and paste to taste (that's called 'Blue Peter-ing' in the UK)
  • select part of the page and Clip - then copy/ paste the rest into the note
  • use a browser screen shot add-in

It would be nice to have all these options catered for within Clipper,  but it would also be nice for me to have a (good) android me sit in this chair and reply to all my emails - and neither of those seem likely any time soon...

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