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takes multiple tries to attach photo to note

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Hi! i have an Android j7 on Nougat (Evernote 8.6) & when i create a new Camera note and take a picture, it returns to a blank note.

no error message is given & wondering who i can send my log to to see if an error is thrown but not caught.

my current workaround is to touch the camera icon on the same note and keep retaking the photo until it attaches.

it usually takes 2 or 3 times so its pretty annoying.


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I think I'm experiencing the same problem. It seems to be connected to the new templates feature. If I try to use the direct-to-camera note feature it never saves the images. If I open a text note, enter a line break, then trigger the camera feature, it has worked consistently.

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In the scenario I described, the photos are lost completely. I know this from a painful post-meeting experience: I let a co-worker wipe the whiteboard after snapping a shot, assuming my trusty Android Evernote would be there for me. Alas, I learned to have less faith in Evernote (a lesson I've already learned on Mac).

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