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Option to see Notes shared with me in All Notes



The main use I see for a note app is to co-operate and share notes such as listening lists, shopping lists, task lists and interesting clippings with other users.

Is there anyway to show Notes shared with me in the All notes section? If not it is should be called "My notes" not "All notes".

I would like to see Notes shared with me in All Notes when I open the app on Android so I can simply:

... Open the app ... and tap on the note I want to see.

At the moment I have to:

... Open the app ... then tap the hamburger menu ... then tap Notes shared with me ... then tap the note I want to see ... rather tedious.

Currently, cooperation and sharing does not seem to be a priority. If there is an option to do this it is well hidden.

If the option really isn't there it would be a great to add it to encourage sharing.

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Hi.  In my Android version it's possible to search 'shared with me' notes - along with all other notes - for title,  tags or keywords.  If there's a common theme in your 'shared with' notes it should be possible to use a saved search / favorite to pull them up as well.

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