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Jason Owens

How do I change billing from iTunes to Credit card?

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Hello.  I would like to change my billing to my corporate credit card instead of billing through iTunes (which is linked to my personal credit card).  I don't want to change the credit card in iTunes because most of the expenses are personal, and I want them tor remain on my personal card.  I used to be able to expense personal charges, but due to a company change, I am only reimbursed for charges on my corp card.  Any recommendations?

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@Jason Owens Thank you for letting me know!

As this is a billing issue, you will need to open a support ticket.

The reasons for this are that our forum staff do not have access to the tools necessary to adjust your subscriptions, and to prevent the posting of private information in the public forum.

Also, as the subscription was made via iTunes, there may be some additional steps required by iTunes that our team will want to walk you through.

Please see this article for step by step guide for opening the support ticket:

As always, feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!

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