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Evernote Icon named in Chineese

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Hi, I just got a new mi-pad 4 using MIUI 10 (I think)  - Anyways, yes it is a Chinese tablet, but I selected English and I downloaded the google play store and have been downloading all my apps from there.  When I downloaded Evernote everything was fine but after a day I realized under the elephant icon "Evernote" had been changed to a Chinese name.  I couldn't figure out how to change the name back to English so I deleted the app and re-installed it and Evernote was in English again.  But this morning I see that again "Evernote" has been changed to it's Chinese name.  It's not a huge problem, well using evernote everything is in English and all my notes are there in English but the Elephant with Chinese characters under it looks a little odd and I am old and I will forget what the damn program is called and start calling it One Note if it's name is not constantly reinforced :)  Does anyone know how to change the name of an Icon?  I can rename file folders but it wouldn't let me rename my Elephant or if I do another install how do I stop it from changing the name to Chineese?

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The so-called user @seranrakan1995 may be a bot. At any rate, it mainly seems to (a) quote an earlier post, but with underlining and links to various Websites embedded in the quote; then (b) make an apparent reply, often copied from another earlier post. It's cleverly done, but I'm 99% sure it's fake. At any rate, I wouldn't click on those links if you paid me. I've reported the posts.

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