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(Archived) Problem naming new tags

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Am I the only one having problems naming new tags?


When I go to add a new tag, it opens the "name" area of the tag. When I go to add a name to it the name box closes ( it seems like this occurs when I try to get the entry cursor into the "name box?). Then, I have to do a secondary click (without highlighting the un-named tag) which brings up a dialog box where I now have to choose "Rename". The box opens again, and, if I am careful I can add a name to the new tag This is frustrating, inefficient and time wasting.

If this is related to the way I am trying to label new tags, I would appreciate tips on how to do this in fewer steps.


When I go to add a new tag in a "Group", it appears at the very bottom of the entire list. Then, when PROBLEM #1 occurs. the un-named tag moves to the spot (alphabetically) for main tags beginning with "N' for New Tag". Then, I have to go through the steps in Prob #1 before moving the new labelled tag to it's hierarchal place on the left part of EN.

Again, If this is related to the way I am trying to label new tags, I would appreciate tips on how to do this in fewer steps. :roll:

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You may find it easier to just type the name of a new tag into the header of a note that you want to tag first. Typing it into a note will automatically create it on the left side. Then you can drag it and drop it into its desired place in the hierarchy.

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I haven't been able to reproduce #1 ... if I right-click on the "TAGS" label in the Mac client and say "New Tag", then I can immediately start typing to set the name of the new tag without any clicking or scrolling. When you do this, are you also clicking into the tag as it's being edited, or can you start typing immediately after you select "New Tag" from the context menu?

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Hi Dave-

I have tried getting a new tag from the Tag button, from the file menu pop-down and by right clicking on a group,and sub-group. If I use the Shift key to capitalize a name, the name box closes. If I just start typing the box may close after entry of a letter or if I use the space bar to continue trying.

I usually have to use the "rename" button after r-clicking on the tag I am trying to name.the new tag to get around this problem.

I am using tne Apple wireless (BT) keyboard, FWIW.

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OK with the "bug" for Problem #1. Will you let me know when this is fixed? I am surprised that I seem to be the only one who reads this forum who is experiencing this?

Now, how about Problem #2, where I am unable to get a new tag to open under the group or sub-group tag in the hierarchy? The unnamed new tag appears in the "N" position of the tree until I rename it, then goes to the tree alpahbetically. I have to move it where I want it to appear in the tree. :?

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Thanks for the feedback about #2.

Re #1: we don't have a good mechanism for individually notifying interested users of bug fixes across out platforms, aside from the Release Notes when a client is released.

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