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Default zoom setting changed for a PDF, how to change back?

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I drag-and-dropped a pdf from an email into evernote to save the file there for future reference.

In doing so it adjust the zoom of the note, and seems to have changed the zoom of all other notes when opened.

Now, the CTRL + MOUSE WHEEL doesn't work when I try change the zoom of any notes and I have to use CTRL + (+).

Considering, uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote? Any thoughts?

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I have exactly the same issue - zoomed in on a pdf diagram and now all my notes are so tiny I can't read them.  Using ZOOM from the format menu increases the text size very slightly but seems to reach a maximum zoom which is still super small.  Ctl/mouse wheel doesn't work at all - if anyone can provide some assistance I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks,


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i have the same problem, only way I found to restore the previous zoom level is to open any note whit a pdf attached and zoom back by CTRL + Mouse wheel.

No way to restore it from a note w/out pdf: you can zoom in/out by CTRL +/- but, as Catie911 said, just to a limited size (2 steps zoom out and 5 steps zoom in from the level you are, in my experience)

I wonder if there's a default zoom level and a way to immediately restore it.

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Similar issue here, I have updated recently to Evernote for windows  and now the text in notes is shown very big. Ctrl + mouse scroll does not change the size.  Ctrl - does only reduces only two steps down. Still much bigger display size than I am used to.

Is there a way to restore this?

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On 2/15/2019 at 2:10 PM, arcapmuch said:

I was able to resolve this same issue by returning to the PDF I originally zoomed in on and ctrl + scroll wheeling back to my preferred zoom level.  

It works perfect for me !


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I'm still having issues with this. I uploaded a lot of pdfs, so returning them all to attachments seems out of the question. But now all of my notes are so zoomed in that I can only see a tiny corner at a time. If I try to make a new note, that is zoomed in as well. Ctrl+'-' only works a few steps and I still can only see 10% or the note that used to be visible.  Any additional tips on how to fix this?

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