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Problem adding a new tag


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My new user is receiving this message:  

Whenever I attempt to create a new tag in the notebook BHGS Lineage I Research Project, I receive the prompt in Evernote "Only tags that are already in this notebook can be added to this note."

Is there something that you can do to lift this restriction?

I suspect the problem is that it's a shared Notebook.



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25 minutes ago, gary2560 said:

I suspect the problem is that it's a shared Notebook.

Correct.  The tags in a shared notebook are owned by the Notebook's owner.  Only the owner can create new tags.

There are other requests posted; to date Evernote has not indicated an interest in changing this.

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I'm posting in this thread so as not to create extra ones relating to tag issues.

1. Are other users having problems adding a tag -- doesn't matter whether an existing or brand-new one -- to select notes?

Referring to the first attached screenshot below, I cannot add a tag where the arrow is. Normally, in this area of the tags, the cursor that is a pointed arrow will turn into an I-beam pointer, and then there would be a blinking vertical bar here after clicking; however, the cursor doesn't turn into an I-beam pointer, and I can't click in this area at all for this particular note. Additionally, when the cursor that is a pointed arrow hovers above the icon that you see circled in the screenshot, the cursor normally turns into the hand icon, but for this particular note, the cursor stays the same. Both in the older web client and in Evernote for Windows, I have been able to add a tag to this note.


2. Is there no way to edit tags in the new Evernote Web?

Referring to the second attached screenshot below, which I took after selecting "Tags" on the left-side panel, I do not see how or where to edit tags. The screenshot shows the result of hovering over the tag under the "A" and then clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the tag -- I had hoped there would be an option here to edit the tag. 

Thanks in advance for any replies or feedback.

Google Chrome, v.71.0.3578.98
Windows 10 Home v.1803
ASUS Model N56 Laptop

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Trying to ensure that both screenshots appear in the post, not just one screenshot.
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